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R-SIM 9 PRO- iPhone 4S/5 - iOS 7 and 8.1
R-SIM 9 PRO- iPhone 4S/5 - iOS 7 and 8.1
R-SIM 9 PRO- iPhone 4S/5 - iOS 7 and 8.1 R-SIM 9 PRO- iPhone 4S/5 - iOS 7 and 8.1

R-SIM 9 PRO- iPhone 4S/5 - iOS 7 and 8.1

R-SIM9 PRO - iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S - iOS 7 and iOS 8.1


R-SIM 9 Pro for the iPhone 4S and 5, up to iOS 8, is the solution for  users that wish to use their devices with the newest iOS version and use other, not allowed, SIM cards.


R-SIM9 PRO is the first Universal Unlocking and activation card for the iPhone 4S/5 mobile phone made by Apple. The R-SIM9 PRO unlocking supports any baseband (both CDMA, GSM & CDMA), 2G and 3G SIM cards and networks. Supports iOS 7 and iOS 8 on the iPhone 4S and 5. It comes  with its NEW own interface, that is very simple and easy to use.


All you need to do is insert R-SIM9 PRO into your iPhone, go to Settings > Phone > SIM Application and add the 7 digits IMSI of your iPhone carrier from the list below then restart.



  • Can be programmed manually during the first insertion, or it can copy the IMSI codes from the original carrier's SIM card!
  • Smart operation, it will popup the programming menu whenever a new SIM card is inserted.
  • If you can't find your operator's code in the menu, you can insert it manually.
  • Compatible with iOS 8.1 (3G reception is depended on your local SIM STK, and may or may not work without jailbreak. CDMA devices on iOS 8 are not yet supported).



  • RSIM9 PRO Interposer
  • Micro to Nano SIM adaptor
  • Sim tray
  • Tray Clip


PLEASE NOTE: This product can work with iPhone 5C and 5S but only until the iOS 7.0.6 - for those models use the RSIM9 GOLD.


Please Note: SOME SIM CARDS MAY NOT BE ABLE TO GET 3G DATA AND IN THE CASE OF GETTING "NO SERVICE" YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A RPATCH ACTIVATION CODE (HERE). Before using R-SIM9 PRO, please make sure the iPhone has been ACTIVATED with the R-SIM9 PRO witch functions as both unlocking & Activation 2-in-1. 



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