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Unlock your iPhone... unlock the freedom to choose any carrier

Whether you’re moving across the globe or moving to a more affordable mobile plan,
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Unlock iPhones on any network, in the USA or abroad. And yes, we ship worldwide!


All of our unlocking methods are legal. They don’t modify your phone or void your warranty. You can still update to the latest iOS version.

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When you buy from us you know that you are always buying authentic products from a reliable source.


Doesn’t compromise your phone’s security, doesn’t put your data at risk

RSIM 13 from GeveyStore will unlock any iPhone with any network

Easy, Safe Unlocking - Unlimited iPhones

R-SIM 13 can be used as many times as you like to unlock as many iPhones as you like.

Unlike older solutions, it doesn’t need to stay in the phone. Just insert it once, enter the ICCID (always provided for free on our site), and you’re done.

Total freedom.

Works with your carrier

Many customers email us to ask if R-SIM 13 will work to unlock an iPhone with a certain carrier. The answer is YES!

AT&T? Yes!
Verizon? Yes!
Vodaphone? Yes!
StraightTalk? Yes!
T-Mobile? Yes!
Sprint? Yes!

Our products work well with all carriers in the USA, Europe, Canada, and all around the world.

Works with your iPhone

We also get many questions about whether R-SIM 13 will work to unlock a particular model of iPhone. The answer is YES!

iPhone X, XR, XS, Max? Yes, yes, yes, yes
iPhone 8? Yes
iPhone 7? Yes
iPhone 6, 6S? Yes and yes
iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 5SE? Yessss
iPhone 4S? Yes

R-SIM 13 unlocks all device models since iPhone 4S

Ships to you, worldwide

We also get questions periodically if we ship to a particular country. The answer is YES!

Do we ship to the USA? Absolutely, most of our customers are located here
To Europe? Yes!
To Austalia? Canada? Mexico? India? Yes, yes, yes and yes
To Asia? Africa? The Middle-East? Yes, we do 🙂

At checkout, you can enter any address worldwide, and we will ship your order there, it’s as simple as that.

What do customers think?

Bought this so I can use my phone on exchange in Europe even though it’s locked to AT&T. Worked perfectly, can’t believe it took me so long to find this.
Definitely recommend!

-Tracy T.

Feedback for R-SIM 13

Hello good night, I received the R-Sim that I ordered and used it twice to unlock two iPhones. It worked great.

-Carlos P


What is R-SIM?

R-SIM transforms your iPhone from a boring block of metal and glass locked to a single overpriced mobile network into a beautiful, liberated device that lets you explore the world and its many cell phone service providers!

…Too dramatic? Ok, R-SIM is a tiny card that makes a “locked” iPhone “unlocked”. It doesn’t look sexy or modern, but what it does is pretty darn magical.

Every year, an updated version of R-SIM is released: for 2015 it was R-SIM 9, then 10, then 11, then 12… You get it. The older versions continue to work, but there would be small tweaks in the software of each generation.

Then, in 2019, everything changed!

…Ok, that was a bit dramatic. Not everything. R-SIM is still a reliable way to unlock your iPhone.

BUT, there was a big change to the way R-SIM works that will make your life a whole lot easier.

You see, older versions of R-SIM needed to stay inside the phone all the time. So you would need one R-SIM for each phone, and as soon as you removed it, the phone would lock again.

The big upgrade to R-SIM 13 is that it’s a one-time unlock. Just insert it once into your phone, then, booyah! Take it out, live your life, travel to faraway lands, get away from the cell phone company you hate, all as if your phone was factory unlocked (except for all the cash you saved).

Looking for up-to-date ICCID codes?

We always list the most recent ICCID code on our site, for free.

What is an ICCID? It’s an acronym for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier.

In our case, particular ICCIDs are used with R-SIM or X-SIM as the last step to unlock your phone. This number is changed periodically, so we list the most up-to-date ICCID on our site.

Don’t worry! You don’t need to type in a new ICCID each time it is changed! Only once for the first activation.

Other Unlocking Options

R-SIM 13 from GeveyStore will unlock your iPhone

R-SIM 13

NEW – One-time Unlocking

Unlocks iPhone X, XS, XR, Max, 8, 7, 6, 6C 6S, 5,, 5C, 5S, 5SE, 4S for use with any carrier

R-SIM 12 from GeveyStore will unlock your iPhone

R-SIM 12

Classic Interposer SIM Unlock

Unlocks iPhone X, XS, XR, Max, 8, 7, 6, 6C 6S, or 5S for use with any carrier

X-SIM Evo LTE from GeveyStore will unlock your iPhone


Advanced Interposer SIM Unlock

Unlocks iPhone X, XS, XR, Max, 8, 7, 6, 6C 6S, or 5S for use with any carrier