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iOS 7.0.6 - Security Fix



On Feb. 21st, Apple has released a new version of iOS, the 7.0.6

This version is in a short review a security fix that eliminates a major hole in the SSL protocol, open in Apple product, affecting all from the iPhone, to the iPad, notebooks and desktop.

SSL is an encryption used on the web, that encrypts the connection between your device and the web server, it prevents phishing and makes safe the use of personal data over the internet. As it seams, a hole was open and it was needed a security patch to close the problem once it was known.



We at recommend that all users upgrade to the iOS 7.0.6! 


We can also guarantee that our SIM Interposers that worked on iOS 7.0.4 are safe to use in iOS 7.0.6 - we've covered the models and they are compatible. In this case, the Gevey Ultra-S V2.02, Gevey Ultra-S i5, X-SIM Evo and the RSIM9 Pro, all are safe to use in this new iOS version.


Remember always to check if the new iOS verson is compatible with your SIM Interposer as once upgraded, if incompatible, there is no way back.


Have fun