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iOS 7.1 - Update safe for i4S and 5 - Stay away if on i5C or i5S



as a result of our tests, we came to the conclusion that there are some variants and all valid for all manufacurers, either Gevey, X-SIM or R-SIM.


  • iPhone 4S - Can update on GSM Phones
  • iPhone 5 - Can update on GSM Phones (2G Data)



As we're in Europe we cannot test CDMA phones (Sprint/Verizon).


In the case that you are using a 64Kb/128Kb SIM and have issues (NO SERVICE) just follow this procedure that will fix it:

  • Install Rsim + Sim, choose carrier, and phone, reboot
  • Download iRoseTool to your desktop
  • Open iTools or iFunBox and drag and drop iRosetool.ipa onto iPhone
  • Force 2G or Force 3G if you have 64k/128k SIM
  • Use to install carrier bundle (APN Settings)