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New SIM Unlock Solution for the iPhone 5/5C/5S iOS 7.1.2


We at iTurboSims/GeveyStore are very proud to announce that the latest product from R-SIM™, the RSIM9 GOLD is the newest solution for the iPhone 5/5C/5S on iOS 7.1.x and it is available to ship from our store.

Since the release of iOS 7.1, users of this models were not able to upgrade to the newest iOS versions due to some incompatibility between the SIM adapters and the baseband version. This has prevented that many, many users either lost their unlocks or couldn't upgrade to the new iOS version, not taking advantage of it and not applying the latest security upgrades included. 


With this new relase, not only they can safely upgrade their GSM iPhone 5/5C/5S but as a bonus, this new product is compatible with many of the new 128K SIM cards, and allows 3G data (something the latest versions were not able to do, limiting data to 2G).


In a brief:

  • Can be programmed manually during the first insertion, or it can copy the IMSI codes from the original carrier's SIM card!
  • Smart operation, it will popup the programming menu whenever a new SIM card is inserted.
  • If you can't find your operator's code in the menu, you can insert it manually.
  • Compatible with iOS 7.1 (CDMA devices on iOS 7.1 are not yet supported).
  • 3G DATA even with 128K SIM cards 
  • RSIM9 GOLD Interposer
  • Micro to Nano SIM adaptor
  • 2 Sim tray (1x 5/5S - 1x 5C)
  • Tray Clip

You can find it HERE and remember that we ship free worldwide. The price you see is what you pay! 


Have fun