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New iOS update - 8.1



Apple has just seeded a few hours ago the new iOS 8.1, within the improvements, there are the following key updates:


  • Implementation of Apple Pay
  • Improovement of the Personal HotSpot
  • Camera Roll re-implementation
  • iCloud Photo Library - Beta
  • SMS Relay 


There are no reports of problems with this new iOS version and as always it is recommended the upgrade.


For our tests, our SIM adapters are still safe in the same conditions as in iOS 8.0.2, that means that if your device was already supported on iOS 8.0.2, you can upgrade.


Test Resuts:

Please remind that even if the cards work in iOS 8.1, some users that have 128K/256K SIM cards, may need a patch to force network aquisition. For iOS 8.1, the only patch available is the RSIM RPatch taht you can purchase here - RPATCH