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X-SIM™ Evo i5 - Supports iPhone 6 and 6+

As you know, is a official reseller of X-SIM™ products for a long time and they have proved along the way to be very stable and tested products.


On the last weeks we have been asked for product compatibility with the iPhone 6 and 6+. Now, thanks to X-SIM™ we can provide the first one, the new X-SIM™ Evo i5 (You can find it here).

The X-SIM™ team has worked well on this on, reprogramming their firmware to the new V25, now capable of voice, SMS and data (EDGE) on a multitude of devices, from the iPhone 5 to the latest 6+ (they also updated it so the Evo 4S will benefit from the same V25). The exploit is designed to work specific also with the new iOS 8.1

The product is based on the Evo line, that as we know, does not require to use a specific tray and uses the original phone tray, just insert the Evo on the bottom and the SIM card on top and slide it in. The Evo are done with extra thin conductive material and chip with only 0.03mm.

As a bonus, the 3G capability (locked for many with USIM cards) is been solved and should be available on the next software release!

Now you know, got a 6? We got you covered!


Have fun!