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Factory Unlocks

we have decided that, since some Factory Unlocks where getting really inexpensive, that for some of our  clients it would be a much better option than to use a GEVEY Interposer. So, we've added a Factory Unlock Section in our products that offer some really good deals! 
By this, we don't say that the GEVEY cards have no use, far from that, but for some costumers, that can get a Factory Unlock for less than $50, it is a better option to use it. For all the rest, the GEVEY still are the best affordable option. 
Lets put it in a perspective. Brian, uses a network where a factory unlock costs $99. He is going o vacation and wants to use another SIM card on his iPhone, and then get back to his normal network - starting with $9.95 he can get it with a GEVEY Card instead of paying $99 for a factory unlock. 
As you can imagine, to the vast majority of costumers worldwide - where factory unlocks costs more than $50 - the GEVEY Sim Interposer are in fact the best option. They are reliable and work at well for a fraction of a Factory unlock.