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iOS 9.1 - SAFE

As you all know, Apple has released the iOS 9.1 some days ago. The major iOS updates, apart from some security patches, was as the incorporation of new Emoji icons, live photos and compatibility updates for some upcoming devices.

As for our products and after testing we can assure everything is working in the same way they were working in iOS 8.4 and 9.


Our recomendations depending on your device are:

iPhone 4S -> Gevey Ulltra-S V2.02

iPhone 5 -> Gevey i5

iPhone 5C/5S -> RSIM10

iPhone 6/6S -> XSIM Evo Ultra V4.4

Please note that all products work very well with 32/64Kb SIM Cards (most usual SIM cards). 128K SIM Cards, may need some extra configuration and in this cases we do not recommend the upgrade TEAM