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The value of an Unlock

One of the few things we can be assured in the tech industry, is that is an incredible speed, our beloved gadgets lose value.  In other words, what we pay with a lot of hard work, in a few months (not to say weeks) lose that value.. 

With Apple products however it seams they do not lose value so fast;- they only really start to lose value when a new product comes to replace it, then, the most powerful and more equipped items are the ones that lose less value. 

With the iPhone the same happens, a few weeks after a new model is lunched they start to lose vale. However,  there is one thing we can do to increase the phone's value - the ability to be able to be used with any carrier - the unlock. Lets say you have an iPhone 4S locked to NetworkA, the value when selling it really depends on the quantity of phones available on the market and the buyer's network. If the iPhone is unlocked, any buyer of any carrier of any country can use it - and even resell it since the phone has no restrictions. It is like having an AUDI with the SatNav locked; its there but you cant use it - if it is active the car's value increases. If your phone is unlocked, the same,e happens,  the value increases. 

We have looked at a few online auctions for the iPhone 4s 32gB  with and without an unlock. While the locked version is sold around $400, the unlocked is sold for $500. Its $100 benefit only by having an unlock. Now, the unlocks have different price tags, but the items we look at where from AT&T that has an really low $9.95 unlock price, so, by unlocking your phone for $9.95 you are able to sell it for a $100 more. By having and unlocked phone you will get a better resell value that pays for itself along with all the benefits from an unlock: 
Benefits of an unlock 
  • Off contract you can chose any network  
  • Freedom of choice on call and data plans that will save you money 
  • Better resell value 
  • While away (vacation, work, etc you can use a local SIM and save on roaming fees 
We are in the unlock industry for quite some time now, and our experience tells us exactly that. A unlocked phone (whatever phone) is more valuable at the selling point.  

Now, we would also like to approach your network price plan. You probably have a contract  that makes you have a pre-determined plan with your network. Since you cant change the SIM because your phone is locked, you are stuck with it and every month you pay and pay. If you have your phone unlocked you can choose your network and call plan. Just think what you save with a plan with less minutes (the ones you just don't use), or with a different data plan. If you add 12 months on the monthly saving, you can save quite a few dollars. 
Now, think you go on vacation to another country - have you make the math on what you would save if you use a local network with a data plan? Its not $9,95, it's not $20, it's hundreds of dollars you pay in roaming that in most cases can be saved for a new phone or just other vacations. 
If you are in our web you probably know all this and that what drive you here in the first place. We just want to make sure you know what you are saving when purchasing a unlock from us. 
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