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X-Sim Nano How-To

Since we started to distribute X-Sim Nano for the iPhone 5 (you can find it here) here are the steps to configure it.




It is very simple and normally just needs to insert your IMSI code once and that's it.


X-SIM NANO iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4 Instructions

First of all, make sure you have deactivated the PIN request for the phone.

To disable the PIN request just go: Settings -> Phones -> SIM PIN (Select "Off") -> Enter 88888888 -> click "Done"


1. Insert SIM card (without PIN code) together with X-SIM
2. Phone will prompt "SIM LOCKED"
3. Click "Unlock"
4. Enter 7 digits IMSI (you can find it here)
5. Wait for signal


That's it.

Just enjoy it.