How to unlock iPhone 5

How to Unlock iPhone 5 in 2019

Is your iPhone 5 locked to one carrier? Ouch, we know how that feels- no freedom!

You can’t switch to a cheaper provider, it’s hard to sell your phone, you can’t travel (well, you can, if you want to rack up hundreds of dollars in roaming charges!)… it’s a drag.

So, how can you solve this? Luck for you, we have all the answers. Here’s how to unlock iPhone 5, updated for 2019.

Method 1: Pay Apple a gazillion dollars

Or, pay someone else who pays Apple a gazillion dollars. This is the method you have probably heard about, IMEI unlock. It’s quick, it’s effective, it’s expensive. The high price may be worthwhile for newer phones, but it’s hard to justify for an iPhone 5. We love the 5, it’s a great compact phone, but let’s be honest- spending up to $100 to unlock a phone that is worth $200 at best just doesn’t make sense for most people.

Method 2: Try Jailbreaking

…where you download sketchy software from the internet and put it on your computer and then on your phone. At best, it’s risky and frustrating. At worst… you can imagine. We don’t recommend this.

Method 3: Hardware unlock for under $20

This is the method we recommend. You order a small chip called R-SIM 13 online, put it in your phone, punch in a secret code (don’t worry, it’s not really a secret- we give it to you for free here), and voila! Your phone is unlocked. It’s not quite instant, because you’ll need to wait until the chip is delivered to you, but we think it makes a heck of a lot more sense for an iPhone 5 than any of the methods above. Order your R-SIM 13 here.

The best way to Unlock iPhone 5

So, if you were wondering how to unlock iPhone 5… now you know! While it might make sense to pay for an IMEI unlock for a new phone like an iPhone X, we believe that for an iPhone 5, R-SIM 13 from GeveyStore is your best solution.

It’s affordable, effective, and most importantly, it doesn’t pose security risks like jailbreaking does. You need to be a little bit patient, but we know you can do it!


How to unlock iPhone 5

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