R-SIM 14 – Instant SIM Unlock for iPhone X/XS/XR/Max/8/7/6/6S

$29.99 $19.99-33%


R-SIM 14 – Instant SIM Unlock for iPhone X/XS/XR/Max/8/7/6/6S

$29.99 $19.99-33%

R-SIM 14 – World’s smallest SIM unlocking chip

The RSIM 14 is suitable to unlock any:

  • iPhone X, XR, XS and Max (including non-standard SIM trays)
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6, 6s and 6s Plus

It is an upgrade of the R-SIM 12 and R-SIM 13.


R-SIM 14 is the best SIM unlocking solution on the market, newly released in April 2019. It’s perfect to unlock any iPhone X, XS, XR, or Max, as well as iPhone 8, 7, 6, or 6S.

XR/XS Max:

All other models:

This powerful little chip, the smallest of its kind, makes it easy and affordable to switch carriers or travel with your iPhone. It’s an upgrade of the 2017 R-SIM 12.


The unique design makes it fit even the non-standard SIM trays on iPhone XR and XS Max.


The R-SIM 14 fits with your regular SIM, in the original iPhone SIM tray. Just insert it, dial the ICCID code, and voila! your phone is unlocked! It’s easy to use, perfect for first-time users.


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Why Choose us?

✔ Unlocking your iPhone with R-SIM 14 is easy and cost-effective
✔ Works with all iOS versions
✔ We are a trusted source of SIM unlocks since 2012
✔ We ship worldwide
✔ All our RSIM 14 SIMs ship with an authentication number


Package Contents:

  • R-SIM 14
  • Protective case for R-SIM and spare SIM cards
  • Pin to eject the SIM card tray (tip: this pin fits nicely on a keychain, for convenient SIM card changes as you travel)

How to use R-SIM 14

Setup is simple:

  1. Remove the SIM card and tray from your phone using the pin provided
  2. Pair R-SIM with your SIM card:
    1. For iPhone XR or XS Max, leave the SIM card in its tray and fold the R-SIM 14 around the SIM card + tray
    2. For any other model, tear along the dotted lines to use the smaller version of R-SIM 14. Place the rsim in the tray under the SIM card
  3. Insert the tray back into the phone.
  4. Dial 5005*7672*00
  5. When prompted, type the ICCID code and follow the on-screen instructions.

That’s it!



✔ Unlocking your iPhone with R-SIM 14 is easy and cost-effective.

✔ We are a trusted source of SIM unlocks since 2012.

✔ We ship worldwide.

✔ All our R-SIMs ship with an authentication number.

✔ Works with all iOS versions, including updates going forward

✔ Safe, legal and effective. Won’t damage your phone or void your warranty

✔ Need help? No problem- just contact us anytime at hello@geveystore.com and we’ll help

✔ Free returns



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