R-SIM 9 PRO / 9 GOLD / 9+ Instructions


Configuring your R-SIM 9 is easy. Please follow this instructions:


1 – With the original SIM – Disable Mobile Data
2 – Remove SIM Original Card
2 – Reset Network Settings (it will also remove Wi-Fi passwords you might have saved)
3 – Reboot the phone
4 – Insert SIM with R-SIM
5 – Follow on screen instructions (you must select the network the phone is locked to – not the network you want to use and SIM card type)
6 – Reboot phone
7 – Click cancel on the On Screen instructions as it will remember the last configuration you just did)
8 – Wait until the phone activates and get network

  • If the phone does not activate or if the original Network is not on the List, you must choose to enter its IMSI code manually (you can find a list of IMSI codes here: http://goo.gl/KXYn0i)
  • If the phone activates but it does not get network, it meens configuration is done properly but you are using a USIM (128K SIM CARD) and a patch is needed.



  • If you miss configure the card, inserting a new SIM card will start the configuration process again.
  • If using a iPhone5 – in some cases you must select iOS 7.0.X on the configuration (if you using above iOS 8)
  • If using a USIM and the phone activates normally but does not get network, you will need the RPATCH. The link ishttp://rpatch.geveystore.com