R-SIM 12 How-to

R-SIM 12 Instructions

Configuring your R-SIM is easy. Please follow these instructions:

1 – With the original SIM, disable mobile data
2 – Remove the original SIM card
2 – Reset network settings (it will also remove Wi-Fi passwords you might have saved)
3 – Reboot the phone
4 – Insert SIM with R-SIM
5 – Follow the on-screen instructions (you must select the network the phone is locked to – not the network you want to use and SIM card type)
6 – Reboot the phone
7 – Click cancel on the on-screen instructions as it will remember the last configuration you just did
8 – Wait until the phone activates and gets the network

  • If the phone does not activate or if the original network is not on the list, you will need to enter an ICCID code (you can find the current ICCID codes and instructions here)
  • If the phone activates but it does not get the network, it means configuration is done properly but you are using a USIM (128K SIM CARD) and a patch is needed.


  • If you make a mistake while configuring the card, inserting a new SIM card will start the configuration process again. (Insert another SIM card, remove it, then try again with the one you want to use.)
  • If using an iPhone5 – in some cases you must select iOS 7.0.X on the configuration (if you using above iOS 8)
  • If using a USIM and the phone activates normally but does not get the network, you will need the RPATCH. The link is…